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UCT Alumni News is the university's magazine, keeping you informed about the latest contributions and achievements of UCT alumni. 


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In the 2019 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* We bid farewell to one incredible chancellor, and welcome another
* Describe the ongoing successes of senior academics and their research groups along with highlight some of the innovative work of young UCT researchers

* Celebrate the lifetime achievements of alumni whose ongoing contributions to their alma mater elevate the institution to greater heights









In the 2017 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* We focus on UCT's new strategic plan: vision 2020;
* Spotlight research activities at the University of Cape Town;
*Feature highlights from the Distinguishing UCT campaign: a fundraising campaign to grow the University's endowment

In the 2018 special centenary edition of UCT Alumni News:

* We meander down 100 years of UCT's history as a degree-issuing university, pausing to take a closer look wherever possible;
* Highlight major transformative moments and scholarly breakthroughs;
* Take a look at a few of the university's key funding projects and success stories


UCT Alumni News 2014/2015








In the 2015/2016 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* Lara Foot ushers in a bold vision for the Baxter Theatre Centre
* Spotlight on UCT Graduate School of Business
* UCT honours the late Neville Alexander

UCT Alumni News 2014/2015








In the 2014/2015 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* Mark Solms discusses wine, land and transformation
* Dean of Humanities on Marikana
* VC Max Price unpacks the admissions policy

UCT Alumni News 2013








In the 2013 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* Barack Obama graces Jameson Hall
* Shining stars from the arts
* Celebrating 70 years: SHAWCO then and now

UCT Alumni News 2012








In the 2012 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* Drs Joe Baron (101 yrs) shared a story
* Machuene Magoro (22 yrs) shared a story
* 100 Years of Health Sciences

UCT Alumni News 2011








In the 2011 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* Saunders at 80
* Michelle Obama visits UCT
* 125 Years of Women on Campus

UCT Alumni News 2010








In the 2010 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* Michael Tladi
* Architect Jack Diamond
* 50 Years after Sharpeville

UCT Alumni News 2009








In the 2009 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* The Essops Brothers
* SA's First Electric Car
* Alumni Concert

UCT Alumni News 2008








In the 2008 edition of UCT Alumni News:

* UCT installs new Vice-Chancellor and new Chair of Council