UCT gears up for Day Zero

21 Feb 2018 - 11:30

Identifying and fixing leaks is a crucial part of a broader strategy to conserve the City of Cape Town’s dwindling water reserves, said UCT’s Dr Kevin Winter. Photo LunarSeaArt via pixabay.

UCT is highly reliant on municipal water and there are very few possibilities for augmenting that supply at this stage, said the chair of UCT’s Water Task Team Dr Kevin Winter.

“But for us it is definitely not an option to get to a position of Day Zero. For the City and the province as well, that will be a catastrophe,” said Winter. “We need to do everything we can right now, and as we look at it, we’re cautiously optimistic that if we carry on the way we are and continue to reduce our demand, and we have some rainfall, and we have assistance perhaps from the farmers which is already starting to kick in, we will find ourselves being able to get through winter rain hopefully in the course of June, but certainly no later than July.”

Watch the full interview with Dr Kevin Winter, produced by the UCT newsroom, below:

Winter also explained his reason for cautious optimism that Cape Town might be able to avert the dreaded Day Zero in this article for the UCT newsroom.